13 Tips For Getting A Raise That Real People Swear By


Don’t forget to highlight any leadership experience or education that you have.

“First, it is always best to tell whoever is offering you a job that you need a few days to think about the offer. One of my jobs gave me 24 hours to sign and accept their offer, and that is just a tactic employers use so you don’t have time to counter. In those 24 hours, I stayed up to search for average pay in my area for the job and my education background. This is usually higher than what they are offering at first. They want to save money where they can! 

Also make sure to include all of the leadership roles you held in your graduate/undergrad years or your previous job, any big deals you helped land in your last position, etc. Certifications also help you pull in that extra credibility over an average worker because remember: AVERAGE PAY IS FOR AVERAGE WORKERS. You can start off with a pay that would have taken you years on the job to work up to.”


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