16 Times Gen Z’ers Failed In The Most Gen Z Way Possible

The rejection text sent with confetti…


When your e-girl deactivates, but you already got the tat:


When you shoot your shot and fail:

asked the waiter for his social media and he said he didn’t have social media. asked him for his phone # and he said “no but you can have my name its on the receipt” and handed me the receipt and walked away

Twitter: @beyologist


When a Snapchat joke goes over their head:


When you steal and put it on TikTok:


When you add promo to your heartfelt tweet:


When you get a job and you’re blocked by the CEO:

LMFAOOO y’all the ceo of the company i just got hired at has me blocked on here i’m crying


And lastly, when you do the most to avoid writing a cover letter:

when I was 19 I had to apply for a job and couldn’t be arsed writing a cover letter so I made a fake job ad for the job I was applying for on gumtree and like 200 people applied and I picked the best cover letter as my own 😩🤣🤣

Twitter: @aaaanisaxx

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