25 Helpful Products From PetSmart

The complete kit consists of one Snuggle Puppy, three heat packs, one “real feel” heartbeat unit, two AAA batteries, one blanket, a teething aid, a toy, and instructions. The heat pack lasts 24 hours, the heartbeat uses two AAA batteries that last two weeks when run 24/7, and the fabric/stuffed portion is machine washable with the heart and heat pack removed.

Promising review: “As I was bringing an 8-week-old puppy home, I was worried about how he would feel about leaving his littermates and parents. So, I bought the Snuggle Puppy. The puppy never once woke up at night. He slept soundly in his crate. This is an awesome product.” —Jamesy_0918

Price: $69.99

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