26 Reusable Items That You’ll Never Get Tired Of Using

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A pack of reusable mesh produce bags that function as great carriers for fruits and vehicles for veggies. Plus, these just work a lot better than the flimsy plastic ones that you find in grocery stores and can never seem to pry open…


Promising review: “The see-through mesh facilitates the clerk weighing and identifying produce without needing to open the bag. These bags are large enough to handle six to eight. I initially bought them for produce but ended up using them for multiple purposes. The soft but durable mesh is even suitable for use as a laundry bag for delicates. With that said, these are washable. The darker colored materials did bleed slightly when laundered so cold water and like colors are recommended. Great way to cut down on plastic and to give your produce some fresh air.” —Karen Sagisi

Get it from Amazon for $12.97+ (available in sets of 5, 10, and 15).


A set of easy-to-clean, multi-use, silicone lid covers so you can ditch the plastic wrap when you’re trying to cover and prevent food splatters in the microwave. These are also perfect for storing a bowl of leftovers in the fridge and even stopping a pot from boiling over!


They’re of course microwave-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe! What can’t these lids do?! Oh, and the set comes with two food clips.

Promising review: “Love that they can be used in hot and cold situations, as lids for boiling pots and covers for dishes in fridge, saving one-use items such as foil or plastic wrap.” —Isobel

Get it from Amazon for $15.95 (available in four designs).


A set of nonslip, reusable fiberglass chopsticks you can reach for the next time you order in sushi or dumplings. The day has finally come to confidently check off “no utensils” at checkout.


Oh hey, one reviewer mentions that the etching on these babies helps when eating ramen! Plus, they’re heat resistant up to 356 degrees F *and* dishwasher safe.

Promising review: “These are great. I always forget to ask for chopsticks when we get takeout and usually hoard extra wooden single-use ones, which feels wasteful. We also use chopsticks as stir-sticks for mixed drinks, so awhile ago I grabbed the semi-reusable bamboo kind at the grocery store to keep on hand. But after a while, they get warped or icky after sitting in wash water too long and they just become trash, too. These are awesome, they have good weight and grip, but best of all, they are machine-washable. Since we’re trying to avoid single-use items where we can but are also busy/lazy, little things like this are perfect.” —Burgi

Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in four colors).


Heavy-duty, eco-friendly, reusable bamboo towels, because buying and re-buying packs of Bounty can get $$$ — and this is a no-brainer since one roll equals six month’s worth of regular paper ones. Oh, and did I mention that these wonders are…machine-washable!?!


“You don’t realize how many paper towels you go through in a day until you run out of them (and can’t easily restock your supply). Using these bamboo towels (which were recommended by a coworker) changed the way I approached cleaning up household messes. These were great for taking care of the kitchen counter top throughout the day (especially while trying to feed a toddler). Didn’t quite make it to the six-month mark on one roll but that’s certainly a goal!” —John Mihaly

Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in 1, 2, and 4 packs).


A four-pack of easy-to-clean coffee filters for Keurigs so you can get your morning caffeine fix in a more environmentally-friendly way. These puppies are reusable, refillable, and the best part? You can enjoy your *own* favorite roasts that might not be available in K-Cups.


Promising review: “I have a reusable K-Cup at home, but when someone brought a single-serve Keurig to work, I felt like the evil machine in Fern Gully every time I made a cup of coffee. I bought these reusable K-Cups because they were affordable and I was hopeful that they would fit the machine. They work great! The only thing is because the lid is a tiny bit thicker than the disposable K-Cups, you have to push down a little harder and make sure the lid is actually latched. More than once it has flung the K-Cup out at me when it springs back open. Other than that one minor detail, they’re great! I would definitely recommend and purchase again.” —I Love Board Games

Get it from Amazon for $7.95+ (available in 2, 4, 6, and 12 packs).


A rainbow pack of silicone, reusable cupcake liners made without the need to grease the pan or spritz any cooking oil. And? Since these are nonstick, you don’t have to spend time nibbling every little last bit of muffin from the wrapper… and eventually end up with bits of wax paper in your mouth… (Anyone else? No? Just me? OK, I’ll see myself out.)


Promising review: “I love these!!! I am Keto so I make all my food from scratch but I love quick and easy. So I make breakfast muffins in big batches and freeze them. That way when I leave for work I can just grab and go. Anyway I purchased other silicone cups that were MORE expensive than these and I only got 12. They worked but I needed more. I like Amazon products so I figured that I’d give these a try. They are a lot thinner than the other ones and more flimsy so I thought right off the bat that they were cheap. After using them however, I was so wrong! The other molds I bought always had some food stick to it, ALWAYS. But these have not had a single sticking issue. They come off clean, are easy to remove and therefore easier to clean. I love these and I will buy more for sure!” —CherryAngel

Get it from Amazon for $8.30+ (available in 12 and 24 packs).


Extra-long reusable silicone drinking straws, because might we be right in thinking that you prefer your straws to be sustainable, sturdy, and not of the disintegrates-in-your-ice-coffee variety?


Promising review: “These straws are awesome. These are the first reusable straws I’ve purchased and I love them. They’re super long, durable, strong, not flimsy at all, and comfortable to use. The little carrying case they come with is super helpful too because it makes it easy to take them anywhere! I love the cute colors they come in. I feel a lot better using these too since I know I’m helping reduce the waste of regular plastic straws. Thank you for the wonderful straws and for supporting ocean life!” —Olive

Get it from Amazon for $11.95+ (available in sets of 10 and 20).


Lightweight reusable grocery bags that fold into a pouch — so you can throw it into your handbag, do a quick unexpected trip to Trader Joe’s, and not have to keep accumulating brown bags under your kitchen sink.

amazon.com, Amazon

Promising review: “These hold a lot of weight, no seams on the handles to tear. They are easy to fold back into the bag they came in so you can store them in your car. Easy to wash, I machine wash, air dry them, they dry very fast. I still advise people to use reusable bags, don’t be lazy about washing them. There is enough in here that you can throw one week’s worth in the laundry and have another week’s worth left. Plastic bags are worse than worrying about germs on reusable bags.” —Jen&Phil

Get it from Amazon for $17.99 (available in five colors).


Biodegradable bamboo makeup remover pads if you feel like you’re endlessly repurchasing cotton pads. These lessen waste, are perfect for sensitive skin, and will assist in the removal of even waterproof mascara — because Panda’s are cute and all, but waking up looking like one is not.


These come with a handy dandy laundry bag, too!

Promising review: “Larger than disposable cotton pads. Great with taking off makeup (even waterproof mascara after pressing the pad with makeup remover to your eyelashes for 15–30 seconds). Never had reusable cotton pads before so I’ve just learned something from washing them after first use: in its laundry bag, because they scrunch up together in the wash, they don’t get thoroughly washed and rinsed. I think I might have to soak these cotton pads in soapy water like delicate laundry, 30 minutes before putting them into the wash.” —Lauren

Get a 16-pack from Amazon for $8.99.


Or! A lazy-person approved MakeUp Eraser cloth that’s reusable, machine washable, and puts an end to the use of wasteful wipes. And! It couldn’t be simpler to swipe off foundation and lippy — all you need is this magic wipe and *water*.

BuzzFeed Reviews

Ding ding, bonus here! You’ll even notice a reduction in the amount of breakouts you get once you remove your all-day look.

Promising review: “I’m a drag queen with pretty sensitive skin. I CAKE on the cosmetics to create my illusions, and the cold cream and terrycloth removal method was just not working. My skin would be raw, and I’d have to go through 3 cloths just to get 90% of my face off, and still have to go to bed with some eyeliner on. Cue MakeupEraser. This little puppy made me go from woman back to man in less than two minutes with JUST WATER. I have on full coverage stage foundation, enough powder to choke a horse, 24-hour-wear lipstick, and tons of black eyeshadow with glitter. Buy it! It’s awesome.” —Luke

Get it from Amazon for $20.

See why this won best mid-priced makeup remover.


A four-pack of reusable mop pads that’ll replace those one-time use (aka wasteful) refills for fancy appliances. Sub these washable bb’s in for a sparkling clean floor.


Promising review: “This is one of the best purchases I made and here’s why. It comes in a set of four pads and it will last you a long while. I have only used two of them and they come out of washer and dryer just as new as when they went in. It also absorbs any liquid cleaner you use and there’s no streak or damp spots where you can slip or fall while cleaning, like when you use dry/pre-soaked disposable pads — and it also cleans smoothly on the surface and picks up dirt 10 times better than disposable pads. My family has used them for about month to give it a fair shot and am so glad I got these pads. No more waiting for coupons to come in Sunday newspaper to buy throwaway pads! I highly recommend these guys!” —HJ

Get it from Amazon for $19.95 (available in 4 and 8 packs).


A double-sided pet hair remover brush to stop the shed everywhere from your couch, carpets, beds, and worst of all… your black leggings! OMG and! You don’t need to remove the fuzz from these by hand, because it comes with a self-cleaning base that you just dip the brush in and *poof* it’s ready to use again.


Promising review: “I have three cats, and two of them are long hair. My floofy Turkish Van sheds like crazy! I’ve used the rollers (just don’t work), and the pumice stone made for fur removal (can’t use this on nice fabric). I saw the Pet Hair Remover on Amazon and figured that I’ve tried just about everything else. I was blown away at its ease of use and thoroughness of fur pick up. One swipe picks it all up. I am not exaggerating! To clean the wand, you just insert into the holder and take it back out. One or two times and it’s clean. The bottom of the holder has a removable base. You just remove that to pull out the accumulated fur. An added bonus of its use – I’m a quilter and my cutting table collects a lot of thread pieces. The Pet Hair Remover Brush keeps my table clean, too.” —Carol M.

Get a set that includes one full and one travel size brush from Amazon for $21.99 (available in two colors).


A Lola reusable menstrual cup that’s designed to live up to 10(!) years(!). This personal care invention is soft and squidgy on the outside for easy insertion, but is strong enough to provide leak-free protection for up to 12 hours.


Heads up, this includes the cup and a case!

Get it from Lola for $34 (available in three sizes).


A leakproof reusable Stasher bag for an eco-conscious way to store snacks, veggies, marinate meats… and these will even survive in the freezer to keep treats ice cold.


Promising review: “I’m one of those people that washes plastic bags and reuses them to 1). attempt to cut back on plastic headed to the landfill and 2). to save a little money. I purchased these silicone bags after seeing a co-worker using them. These have worked out great, and I got a lot of questions about them. I’ve referred other environmentally-conscious friends and they love them too! Easy to love these things, they provide secure seals, very durable, and are easy to clean. Perfect for lunches, snacks, or other small storage needs. I’m sure you can put them in the dishwasher but I generally wash by hand.” —Molly

Get it from Amazon for $9.59+ (available in six sizes and 13 colors).


Stainless-steel whiskey stone ice cubes that will allow your Scotch to remain chilled and crisp-tasting — without diluting it like regular ol’ water-based cubes would!

amazon.com, amazon.com

This set includes: eight cubes, two coasters, a freezer tray, and barman tongs.

Promising review: “Amazing whiskey stones for people who like to enjoy a cool whisk(e)y in the warm weather. Of course, it doesn’t make the drink as chilled as ice would, but that’s precisely why I ordered these. Ice would make the drink so cold that the numbness would prevent me from feeling the whiskey flavors. This would make the drink just cool enough for the warm weather, while still preserving the true flavors from getting diluted or lost in the super-chilled numbness.” —H

Get it from Amazon for $24.99.


Reusable instant heat packs to phase out the use of non-recyclable hand warmers. These toasty bb’s can warm your hands or body for up to two hours (largest size only). Once they’ve cooled down, simply pop them in boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes to ~recharge~.


Promising review: “Been using these for nearly a month now. Have used and refused them a couple of dozen times. I’m a driver for a delivery service and use these to help keep customers’ food warm. They work really well and boil to reset quickly. The only drawback I have with them is the metal activation disk can be hard to find sometimes, would be nice if it was a little bigger. I will definitely buy these again and have recommended them to others.” —Topher G.

Get it from Amazon for $29.88.


Sturdy, see-through reusable wall hooks that can keep pots, pans, wall decorations, even hats up on display. They easily stick on and peel off of a range of surfaces like wood, tile, ceramic, metal, and plastic. Plus, they ensure household items won’t hog counter space.


Promising review: “I was super skeptical when I bought these but ‘Command Hooks’ weren’t cutting it and I really wanted to avoid putting holes in my apartment walls since I might have to move again in six months. I’m so glad I took the risk. I used these hooks to hang pots and pans on the wall of my kitchen. They are sturdy AF, easy to apply, and even support the weight of my cast-iron frying pan. 10/10 recommend.” —Kathleen

Get an 8-pack from Amazon for $7.99.


A durable, waxed-canvas, plastic-free lunch bag, otherwise known as the trendiest and most eco-conscious way to brown bag it. And reviewers mention that this is leak-proof — spilled soup an’ all!


Promising review: “Spills (even big ones) don’t leak through! I thought this was awesome when it arrived, but it really won my husband’s heart yesterday when he took soup and fruit to work. At lunch, he opened his bag and found that his container of soup had opened and his fruit was floating in liquid. He poured the soup out and rinsed the inside of the thing with water, and was so surprised and pleased that he showed it to me — and had me smell the inside of the bag! — when he got home. I want to buy another one even though we don’t need it just because it’s that amazing!” —P.U. from Spokane

Get it from Amazon for $20 (available in three colors).


A double-insulated travel mug composed of durable, BPA-free plastic to keep your morning cup o’ joe piping hot or ice cold, depending on how you take it! No spills, and it’s microwave- and dishwasher-safe.


Promising review: “Bought this for my brother, and he absolutely loves it! It doesn’t make the coffee taste weird, and it helps the planet. Who could ask for more?! Disposable is so yesterday. This is a great way to make a change. Bring it anywhere that serves hot beverages, and now that you are making a difference, and at the same time, it will sometimes save you money! I would recommend for environmentalists, and basically anyone who lives on this earth!” —Adrienne Holmes

Get it from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in eight colors).


A Rocketbook smart reusable 32-page notebook, aka the reusable gadget that alleviates the need to use tons of paper. This’ll also save you from scouring through pads trying to track down the notes you took two weeks ago, since you can scan them to your device as soon as you’re done writing and clear the page to start again.


Promising review: “This is a great product and a great idea. I am someone who has a lot of notebooks and journals, I like to write everything down so I remember it. I have wasted countless Post-it notes writing to-do lists and this little notebook not only helps me preserve my beloved Post-its, it’s great for the environment as I’m reusing the same pages instead of tearing them out and starting with a brand new page or notebook. I wish I had known about this when I was going to college, how much time and money it would have saved me. I love the fact that you can just scan each page and send it to a specific place that you have designated. Way to go Rocketbook! You are my new favorite thing! I literally show as many people as I can about this.” —Natasha

Get it from Amazon for $30.92+ (available in executive and letter).


An AmazonBasics high-capacity rechargeable batteries *with* charger, because you’ve already banged the side of the TV remote and swiveled around the current batteries inside enough times to know they need replacing. Ditch those dodgy ones and swap ’em for these guys that can be juiced and re-juiced up to 100 times!


Promising review: “I’ve dabbled with other brands of rechargeable batteries, but have found that these not only last the longest, but seem to recharge quicker. In the long run, they’re not only more economical, but better on the environment. The packaging is mostly cardboard, except for the plastic shrink wrap. The plastic uses recycle code ‘1’ which is purportedly one of the safer and easier to recycle categories of plastic.” —Low Tech Grandma

Get it from Amazon for $11.99+ (available in 4, 8, 12, 16, and 24 packs).


An eight-pack of durable, waterproof, and UV-resistant rubber twist ties that’ll quickly diminish your use of plastic. So long, single-use cables and zip ties, you no longer have a place in my house anymore!

Amazon / amazon.com

Promising review: “This is the best twist tie and unitized I have found. It’s easy to use and even easier to reuse. I have used it to bundle computer and power cords and get them out of the way. I can’t imagine anyone not being happy with this product!” —Carl W.

Get it from Amazon for $10.96 (available in three sizes).


Wool dryer balls that reduce the time it takes to dry laundry (less electricity) and eliminate the need for dryer sheets (less waste). And to think, I had given up on my towels ever being fully dry — but when these are thrown in with them, they draw all the moisture out. Genius.


Promising review: “I live in Los Angeles, so my apartment only offers coin laundry, so every quarter counts. These balls have saved me a lot of dollars thus far! They allow my clothes to dry way faster than previously with dryer sheets, which is awesome because laundry prices keep going up in my building! The balls are pretty big; larger than a tennis ball, but smaller than a softball. I almost always do an extra-large load so I use all six of them at once. Since the wool is unscented, I like to add a little boost of lavender.” —LW

Get it from Amazon for $16.95.


A pack of cutesy reusable food pouches designed with BPA-free, puncture-resistant materials. They’re ideal for saving money, reducing waste, oh, and of course… serving, storing, and transporting homemade baby food, sans mess!


Promising review: “I have been really pleased with these so far! They’re pretty easy to fill with a spoon, and the zipper at the bottom is sturdy. No leaks so far. I will say that although they’re tough enough for the dishwasher, whenever we run them through they tend to fold over, and the top half doesn’t get properly cleaned. They really need to be hand washed. Still, they’ve saved us a bunch of money and been totally worth it!” —Ms. S.

Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (comes in two sizes and three counts).


Reusable *and* washable beeswax food wraps so you can bask in sustainability, because these are made from organic cotton infused with beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. We love the the Earth here, and these keep all sorts of foods fresh without the need for any single-use plastics. And can be used for up to a year, too!


Promising review: “I like the fact that I am saving plastic waste by using this product. It is easy to use and I use it to wrap fruits and leftover. It is also easy to clean. The only thing I wish could be that I can use it to wrap meat but the instruction does not recommend that. Overall, great product!” —HW

Get it from Amazon for $18.


A monthly dry-erase magnetic calendar that’ll make you forget all about those wasteful, and quite frankly, ugly paper ones. This can be used over and over again to keep all the family on top of their to-dos.

The Everblooming Home / Etsy

The Everblooming Home is an Etsy shop established in 2016 based in Centreville, Maryland that specializes in fridge calendars, funny mom mugs, gifts, decor, and more.

Promising review: “I am very happy with our magnetic dry erase calendar! The way my kitchen is set up, I don’t really have an easy spot to hang a wall calendar. This solves that issue. It is so cute and everyone can use it easily. It is a great way to keep track of all our kids’ activities, appointments, work schedules, etc.” —Holly Wells

Get it from The Everblooming Home for $19.53+ (available with 1–3 pens).

On we go to living a life more sustainable!

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