28 Products That Turned Reviewers Into Big Fans

Yep, I have more than a dozen products in my shower at any given time. Probably closer to two dozen. And I am the only person who uses it! Toiletries dry very quickly in this bb and are also very easy to spy (as you can see) when you’re all bleary-eyed in the morning thanks to the mesh material.

As for cleaning, I just use the bleach spray that I use on my shower. I’m not the best at cleaning on the reg, so it may get a little grosser than if it were in the possession of a neat freak. But it’s only gotten gross enough to replace ~once a year.

Promising review: “I didn’t think a shower curtain would change my life but I absolutely LOVE this product. Getting all of my items off the shower tub walls/ground and putting them in the pockets instead has made my entire bathroom feel cleaner, less cluttered, and elevated. Big fan!” —JCapone

Get it from Amazon for $15.

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