31 Things From Target To Upgrade Your Kitchen’s Decor

Whether you’re going for a modern farmhouse look or you prefer bold, colorful vibes, we’ll help you achieve whatever look you’re going for in your kitchen.

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A 12-piece set of iridescent silverware that’s eye-catching, playful, and anything but boring. Depending on the light, these forks, knives, and spoons can look like any color of the rainbow!


Promising review: “I absolutely love these! Saw them in store and fell in love! Washed them as soon as I got them in the dishwasher and all was fine! I was a little nervous the paint would come off but they are perfect!!! I will definitely be buying more.” –AprilJ

Price: $20


A roll of marble contact paper to give your boring kitchen counters a makeover. It’ll look like you’ve bought completely new countertops — don’t worry: we won’t share your brilliant DIY secret!


Promising review: “I used it as a cheap, temporary cover for my bathroom counters. I hated the original countertop. Replacing is not in the budget right now. This made for a quick and easy change from the current counter. It has only been a week, but is so far holding up. I am not too worried if it does not last long, it was cheap and I had extra. I would think this would be perfect for a rental where you cannot do permanent updates to the property.” –Fiddlesticks47

Price: $5.99


A wooden letterboard that you can hang up in your kitchen to pretend you’re living in a diner. Use the letters to display the “menu” for the day — your family will love it!


Promising review: “This is honestly the cutest letter board I have ever come across. It’s sturdy and just looks incredible in my home. I would definitely recommend.” –Tanya

Price: $23


An LED light strip to place where your cabinetry meets your kitchen floor to add an elegant touch of light. It’ll instantly make your kitchen look more modern, and you’ll be able to move around at night without having to turn on the overhead lights.


Promising review: “We love these lights. We put them outside on our patio on the top part of a beam. It adds a really great ambience to our front patio. We also put it on a timer, so rather than using our porch lights all night, we have a great glow. To make it even better, these lights can be used via an app on your phone. The array of colors that can be set on these lights are phenomenal!! We are very impressed.” –KPerk88

Price: $50.99


A K-Mini Keurig machine with a blue Jonathan Adler design so beautiful, you won’t mind that you’re up and making coffee at 6 a.m.


Promising review: “I love it!!! Making coffee is so easy now!!! I got it for my first apartment because I wanted something small since my roommate doesn’t drink coffee. I make it every morning and it tastes amazing.” –Jess

Price: $69.99 (originally $99.99)


Some peel-and-stick wallpaper to create a bold statement wall in your kitchen without having to paint. It’s also easily removable — perfect for renters.


Promising review: “Very impressed! I used this in the black and white print to update a dull guest bathroom. So easy! You ready can peel and adjust as many times as needed! Random pattern didn’t require precision matching. So easy and it looks great. Everyone who comes over compliments the bathroom.” –MRoKY

Price: $34 (available in two colors)


A wire milk crate that’s such a stylish way to keep your pantry shelves organized. They’re great for storing bulky items like potato chip bags or boxes of pasta.


Promising review: “Love it! Makes my cabinets look perfectly organized. I will be buying more! It is very sturdy and came in great condition.” –Container

Price: $19.99


A small glass canister with a wooden lid for storing your most-used kitchen ingredients on your counter. It’s a simple but effective way to make your kitchen look more put-together.


Promising review: “This jar looks great on my kitchen counter. I keep my rock salt in it for cooking. The design blends in well with everything. I love the warm wooden lid. The lid provides a strong seal from the air.” –Sierra

Price: $10


A wooden nonslip cutting board that makes chopping vegetables look extra chic. Plus: you can use it as a cheese board or a serving plate, as well.


Promising review: “I use this board for serving appetizers and it has not disappointed. You can put meats and cheeses right on the board and the non-slip feet prevent it from sliding around while cutting. The color of the wood is beautiful and I use it for display when not using it to serve.” –Janerie

Price: $20


A enameled cast-iron Dutch oven – it’ll become your go-to for cooking your favorite pasta, soup, and bread recipes. Plus: the red and blue colors it comes in are so striking, you’ll want to leave it out on your stove to show it off to everyone!


Promising review: “To put it simply, I love this piece! I never knew how much I needed a Dutch oven until I bought this one. I use it all the time for soups and chili and my husband loves when I make sausage gravy for breakfast and I can easily do it all in just this pot. And the color is an added bonus. I just leave it right on one of the shelves in our kitchen because it’s so cute and because I just use it that often that it’s nice to have handy. I think it’s a great starter Dutch oven for any beginner kitchen.” –stormy

Price: $69.90 (available in two colors)


An olive oil dispenser that looks 10 times better sitting on your kitchen counter than the ugly store-bought bottle. The first time you use this to drizzle oil on your food, you’ll feel like the fanciest version of yourself.


Promising review: “I use two of these oil dispenser bottles for my avocado oil and balsamic vinegar kept on the counter. I typically purchase bulk sizes of these items from Costco so having a smaller container to transfer to makes handling them much easier. The size is perfect for me as I wanted something somewhat smaller to not take up room and to not be too noticeable on my container. They are simple and work great especially for the price. The seal and glass are both high quality, and work exactly as I need them to. Definitely recommend.” –SRM

Price: $3.99


A tea kettle adorned with a modern red decal that makes it look more like a piece of art than something you use to heat up water.


Promising review: “I absolutely love my tea kettle it is so sturdy it is well-made and well worth the money I highly suggest and recommend that you purchased this tea kettle for yourself or it will make an absolutely fabulous housewarming gift.” –kbp91

Price: $39.99


A mini waffle maker for anyone with limited kitchen storage space who still wants to treat themselves to a delicious homemade brunch on Sunday morning. It comes in six colors, so you can perfectly match it to the rest of your kitchen appliances for a cohesive look.


I love this little guy! It heats up fast, it cooks the waffle batter in minutes, and it barely takes up any space in your cabinet. Fun tip: the waffles are the perfect size to use as the “bread” in a breakfast sandwich.

Promising review: “This mini waffle maker saves me time, energy and money every morning! I use my protein pancake mix to make a quick egg and cheese sandwich, or enjoy classic waffles with fruit. Such an easy cleanup and perfect for my small apartment kitchen.” –cm

Price: $9.99 (available in six colors)


A pack of puck lights so you can illuminate your kitchen countertops and make your kitchen look more sophisticated overall. No need to tear up your walls to install wiring for lights – these babies are battery-operated!


Promising review: “Just got these lights to go under my cabinets and I’m impressed! We just bought a new house and, for some strange reason, the only light in the kitchen is the big light. So, I wanted something to put off a little light during the dark that would enhance the look of the kitchen as well. Exactly what I wanted! And way cheaper than having something wired. Definitely recommend.” –Gina

Price: $9.99 for two


A retro-style toaster for adding some fun vintage flair to your kitchen. The slots are big enough to put bagel slices in, and it also comes with a removable warming rack for quickly heating up pastries and rolls.


Promising review: “Fantastic purchase! A solid, strong toaster that works properly and toasts bread EVENLY ON BOTH SIDES EACH AND EVERY TIME!! Plus, the toaster is very handsome and has enhanced the look of our kitchen. We could not be happier with our purchase! We bought ours because another family has had one for a while and always raves about how well it works.” –JohnnyBoy

Price: $69.99 (available in two colors)


A bar cart that you can use to elegantly store and show off your favorite drinkware. You can also use it as a glamorous coffee station!


Promising review: “I ordered this bar cart for our new apartment and it is an absolutely perfect addition! Assembling the bar cart was easy…took less than 20 minutes total, and we had no issues with any of the instructions or pieces. We’ve had the cart for about six months now and I still love it! We are constantly getting compliments on it, and we can switch out different pieces or accessories to keep it feeling fresh! An absolute must-buy. Great price for the quality!” –Emily

Price: $150


A 13-piece set of nonstick cookware that adds a pop of color to your kitchen. This set is perfect if you’re moving into a new house or apartment and want all-new, high-quality pots and pans that look great together.


Promising review: “We have had this awesome set for years now and have not had a single problem. Each size is perfect for different things and we use all of them for all our cooking needs.” –Tiffany L

Price: $125.99+ (available in four colors)


A SodaStream sparkling water maker because your precious kitchen countertop space is limited, so it only makes sense to use it to show off appliances that are as sleek, attractive, and useful as this one!


Promising review: “We bought our Soda Stream over four months ago, and we’re loving it! We’re a family of four who drinks fizzy water regularly, and used to go through a 12-pack of the canned stuff every week. Four months later, we’re still on the first air cartridge and have saved about 200 aluminum cans already. It’s very easy and intuitive to use. I would recommend the system to anyone.” –Rachel H.

Price: $89.99 (available in four colors)


A huge serving bowl with salad servers that scream, “I throw fancy shindigs in my backyard at my second home in the Hamptons”….even if you’re just eating dinner in your 500-square-foot apartment.


Promising review: “I was very impressed when I open the box and saw the size of the bowl! The wave pattern makes it easier to toss salads and adds a classy touch. Being wood, it works on the patio and at the dinner table.” –Bearsmaggie

Price: $30.99


A set of stainless-steel bowls with lids with a simple but professional look that will make you feel like you’re a world-class chef cooking in a 5-star restaurant.


Set includes 1.5-quart, 3-quart, and 5-quart bowls with lids.

Promising review: “I love this stainless-steel mixing bowl set. It was just what I needed to make my cornbread sausage dressing recipe which requires multiple bowls. I also used the large bowl for my candied pecans. They are the perfect shape and weight. Very happy I invested in a quality set. Having the right equipment has helped me enjoy cooking again.” –janisutx

Price: $39.99


A set of OXO food storage containers with an airtight seal to keep your food fresher for longer. Because the containers are clear, you can organize your pantry by food color for a truly satisfying aesthetic.


Promising review: “I love this product! Not only does it make your pantry super organized but it also helps keep your food fresher longer. The seal is great. Cleaning is super easy. I will be a repeat buyer.” –MGC

Price: $49.99 (for a set of 5)


A turntable that maximizes those hard-to-reach corners of your kitchen. Nothing’s as visually satisfying as opening your cabinets or pantry door and seeing all of your spices and condiments placed neatly together and within easy reach on these turntables.


Promising review: “Great turntable for the price. Just like everyone else in quarantine, I am organizing my pantry. Used this lazy Susan in my pantry. Makes all your sauces, marinades and oils easy to reach. Would definitely recommend!” –Hchu

Price: $8+ (available in two sizes)


A bamboo breadbox for anyone who takes their carb consumption seriously. If you have light wooden kitchen cabinets, it’ll match perfectly, and it’ll also keep your bread fresher for longer.


Promising review: “I love this bread box. I’ve been wanting to get one for some time now and I love the wooden look. This bamboo one is exactly what I wanted and it opens and closes smoothly.” –Nicole

Price: $27.99


A set of ceramic-coated knives for the person loves adding as much color as possible to their kitchen. The rainbow of colors will ~spice~ up your meal prep experience.


Promising review: “Since moving to a new city, every knife set we’ve purchased has rust spots after washing and I was interested in trying this knife set because it has the ceramic coating. It has not disappointed yet! No rust and each knife is sharp and handles really well for our busy kitchen needs. I love the included covers because they can be stored safely in the drawer.” –MaryB

Price: $29.99 for six knives and six blade guards


Or these professional knives with walnut and brass handles that instantly make your kitchen look more refined and grown-up.


Promising review: “I love these knives! I sharpened my old knives pretty regularly, but they are no comparison to how sharp these are. I also love the look of the wooden handles. A great purchase!” –Libby

Price: $39.99


A set of black dinnerware with a textured finish that makes the plates, bowls, and mugs look way more expensive than they are. It’s proof that you don’t need to break the bank to have a great-looking dining set!


Set includes four dinner plates, four salad plates, four mugs, and four cereal bowls.

Promising review: “I have had this dish set for a year and a half and I love everything about it! They have held up extremely well–no chips, no silverware marks–they look as new as they did the day I got them. The color is gorgeous and looks so nice on the table. Great value for the money. I highly recommend this dish set!” –Tilley Dinnerware Set

Price: $70


Or this red ceramic dinnerware set with a floral pattern if you’re going for a farmhouse look in your kitchen. Go ahead — embrace your inner Pioneer Woman.


Set includes four dinner plates, four dessert plates, four bowls, and four mugs.

Price: $55.99


A citrus juicer, because your recipes will become 10 times better with fresh-squeezed lemon or lime juice. The bright yellow color will put a smile on your face whenever you grab it out of your kitchen drawer!


Promising review: “It does the job well. Gone are the days of squeezing lemons by hand. It appears quite sturdy and built to last. Very happy with my purchase.” –CVS8

Price: $16.99


A unique oblong serving bowl for a fun way to serve up bread, crackers, or fruit. It’s the beautiful decorative accent your breakfast nook needs.


Promising review: “Beautiful elegant bowl for a affordable price. I used it to serve homemade rolls in over the weekend. We’ll be using this bowl a lot. Perfect for entertaining.” –AKing87

Price: $20


A cotton placemat to make your kitchen feel like a beautiful field of fresh-bloomed flowers. If you want to give your dinner table a playful upgrade, these vibrant placemats do the trick.


Price: $5 (available in two colors)


A stainless steel bar tool set that you can store hanging up — it’ll look like a piece of shiny modern art, except you can make cocktails with it. Even better!


Promising review: “I just purchased a bar cart and these are all of the items that I needed to get started. All the materials are sturdy and useful for entertaining when guests come over. Order it now!” –Target Customer

Price: $30

You admiring your kitchen’s aesthetic after adding some of these gorgeous products to it:


The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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