Asian And Pacific Islander Restaurants In Los Angeles

Bopomofo is a café seeking to bring nostalgia and representation of Asian American culture through food, beverages, services, and design with high-quality ingredients, homemade items, and an influence from both owners’ cultural backgrounds. Even the café’s name is a callback to the Chinese ABCs!

Founders Philip Wang, whom you may know from Wong Fu Productions, and Eric Wang wanted the name to be a playful and unique representation of the heritage of their past while being limitless in the future, and in 2019, Bopomofo was born!

Located at the Las Tunas Plaza in San Gabriel, California, customers can order some of their signature teas including Brown Sugar Pudding Milk Tea and Mint Matcha Latte, their foods including Taiwanese Fried Chicken Sandwich and Scallion Pancake Lu Rou Nachos, and so much more!

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