Chris Evans Shares Massive Bruise From Making New Movie

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this movie to come out.

Chris Evans is sharing his first behind-the-scenes shots from his new movie The Gray Man.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for Disney

The spy thriller, based on the novel by Mark Greaney, follows Court Gentry (Ryan), a former CIA agent turned freelance assassin as he is hunted across the globe by former fellow agent Lloyd Hansen (Chris).

Laurent Koffel / Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

This week, however, we got a sneak peek of the action behind-the-scenes when Chris shared a pic-collage on Instagram of a massive bruise he got on set.

Chris captioned the photo, “It’s like watching the leaves turn in autumn, but condensed into one painful afternoon. (Got into a little tussle with the Gray Man).”

Now, all I can think about are the Chris and Ryan action scenes we’re going to get when this film is finally released.

Until then, I’ll just keep refreshing Instagram for any and all The Gray Man updates from the IG king himself, Chris Evans.

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