Every New Pet Parent Should Plan To Budget For These 7 Expenses

When preparing your home for a new canine friend, you’ll want to plan for the essentials. Most of these things can be considered a one-time cost at the beginning, as you’ll probably only replace them as needed. Home essentials usually include a leash ($10–60), food and water bowls ($10–$120), doggy bags ($10–$70), a crate ($10–$330), a bed ($10–$630), dog grooming and cleaning products ($10–$60), and potty pads if your puppy is not yet house trained ($10–$200). 

Rover’s essentials for felines include a bed ($10–$70), food and water bowls ($5–$170), a litter box ($10–$560), litter ($10–$340), a carrier ($20–$140), a scratching post ($10–$90), and a brush and nail trimmers ($5–$100). With a world of pet supplies at our fingertips, you can find most of these items at varying price ranges. Assess your pet’s needs, research your options, and create a budget! 

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