First Day Red Flags At Work


If they are abusive and treat the employees like shit:

“I once started working for this weight loss company. One of the first requirements was that you had to go on their weight loss program (that wasn’t a big deal to me, but I was required to buy their food products as well, lame). I lasted in the training three days before I refused to go back because on the third day, we were told to memorize a script for when we would talk to customers, and the script was fairly long, and I struggled with being able to memorize the lines because I was nervous. The trainer made fun of me first for not being able to memorize the script, and then started yelling at me as I got more and more flustered. I started crying, and she told me I was weak. Later that day, the same trainer told me I looked fat in the wrap dress and legging outfit I was wearing. I finally had enough I flipped the trainer off and walked out. Glad I didn’t stay, the company was shut down a few months later.”


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