Important:Don’t do it in Germany 😳

Don’t do it in GermanyEach country has its own etiquette and unwritten rules that almost everyone knows and adheres to. If you don’t want to attract negative attention in Germany, you should avoid these 10 mistakes.

1 Are you planning to visit the sauna? Not in a swimsuitNudity, the nudist culture, is very popular in Germany. Many Germans like to undress on nudist beaches and walk around like Adam and Eve. Visiting the sauna also has many fans in this country. In either case, swimwear cannot be worn. In the nudist and sauna areas,

2 Please do not dispose of unsorted trashCorrect waste separation is very important in Germany. Anyone who dares toss plastic in the trash should expect the neighbors’ wrath and may even receive a letter from the landlord. So be careful: there are separate bins for plastic and paper waste as well as for compost – each with its own color. Only the so-called residual waste goes to the gray container.

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