Jason Derulo Revealed Why He Named His Son After Himself

Jason was thinking about his family’s future.

Jason Derulo has been having an “incredible” time being a dad to his son, Jason King Derulo.

“My brother has girls, and my sister has a girl, so I knew we needed a boy to carry on the name, literally,” he said. “We needed to have a boy because the Derulo name was out. I spoke him into existence.”

“I wanted my name to continue to thrive, and I also thought that it would bring me closer to him,” Derulo added.

Derulo admitted that he’s still getting the hang of being a parent, and so far his “biggest challenge” has been tending to his son during the night.

“Sometimes I wake up with one eye, and I’m like, I don’t know how she’s doing it,” he explained about his girlfriend, Jena Frumes. “Jena’s been a superhero in all of this, so I’ve been very, very lucky.”

“She’s really incredible with him, and she is definitely the ringleader in all of this,” he continued. “My hat goes out to her.”

“He seems to really adore music already,” the singer shared. “From when he was in the womb, he would start kicking whenever I would play music on my phone, because every morning I played the song that I had did the night prior.”

“Now, it’s the only thing that keeps him calm. He’ll be going crazy one minute and then you start playing some music and he’s okay.”

Seems like Derulo has got everything under control. It was a great choice for him to name the baby after himself because they’re so much alike.

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