Lizzo On Politicizing Selfies And Body Positivity

“This is my body, nothing to see here. Keep it moving.”

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In a recent interview with The Cut centered around her involvement in Dove’s Self-Esteem Project, Lizzo talked about her thoughts on issues surrounding the body-positivity movement.

“There’s even a lot of very triggering and fat-phobic behaviors that have come from the body-positive movement,” she said. “There are things like body checking, and comparing sizes, or shaming sides.”

“Like, ‘Oh, it’s midsize girls’ turn; big girls, you’ve had your moment.’ Huh?”

“It’s not about a moment. It’s about this system that oppresses big bodies,” she continued. “People [need to] understand the gravity of this movement and honor the reason why it was created.”

“Don’t be like, ‘Cute. I’m gonna love myself today, and that’s body positivity.’ It’s more like, ‘No, I’m gonna love myself and thank goodness for the fat women who paved the way and were vocal about it.'”

Lizzo also talked about her relationship to social media, as well as the reactions she sometimes gets from posting pictures of herself.

“I hope that I can post the kinds of materials that I post, showing my body and showing my rolls or whatever. And people are just like, ‘Okay. Beautiful picture. Next.’ Instead of, like, ‘Oh my gosh, a full-figured body. How strikingly political!'”

“It don’t gotta be all of that! That is where I’m going with body-normative-speak.”

“I don’t know exactly the details of what body neutrality is,” she said at another point in the interview. “But when I say I just want to be body normative, I’m not trying to create a whole new movement.”

“I just mean what you’re looking at is normal. Let’s stop talking about it. ‘This is my body, nothing to see here. Keep it moving.'”

Read the whole interview here.

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