Minecraft Anglo Saxon Church – Build Tutorial

Minecraft Anglo Saxon Church – Build Tutorial


This tutorial shows you how to build a small Anglo Saxon church in Minecraft block by block. Full supply list included. You can see this church built in survival here https://youtu.be/kP9HV9bEQIw. Crypt tutorial here https://youtu.be/s3DGQXsERkM

Take a look at Seamus Maudhen’s own version of this church, with a very different but cool palette here https://youtu.be/T694A1Clqf8

00:00 Intro
00:12 supply list
00:35 layout
00:43 the parts of the church
01:14 Building the nave
04:56 the clerestory windows
05:44 the chancel arch
08:14 the foyer
09:18 the chancel
13:25 the floor
15:16 the roof
16:23 roof supports
18:40 the tower
24:26 doors
24:50 lighting the church
25:46 the crypt
26:12 texturing the walls

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This is Vanilla Minecraft plus Optifine. Optifine helps Minecraft run more smoothly for me. I also use Jermsy Boy’s Better Foliage add-on because I like it. There are no other mods or add-ons in the version I use.