Money Talks! Inside Sharon Osbourne's Massive Net Worth and How Much She

Money Talks! Inside Sharon Osbourne's Massive Net Worth and How Much She


More byJessica30 Tax Day 2021 Freebies, Discounts and Deals to Ease the Stress and Burden of Your Tax Filing DeadlineWhat is Ramadan? Everything to Know About the Muslim Holy Month and How to Celebrate77 Best Friendship Songs Ever to Celebrate, Serenade and Dance to With Your BFF(Art Streiber/CBS)Sharon Osbourne talks a big game, literally and figuratively, but when it comes to money, she can probably put it where her mouth is and be fine. Osbourne famously parted ways with The Talk in March 2021 following a heated discussion with cohost Sheryl Underwood about Osbourne’s close friend and former colleague, Piers Morgan, and his own one-sided feud with Meghan Markle—and the racial undertones of it all. However, while she may no longer get her sweet CBS salary, the notoriously foul-mouthed TV personality is resilient enough to somehow always land on her feet. And if not? She has enough in the bank to tide her over comfortably for the rest of her life. Here’s Sharon Osbourne’s net worth and how she made it. How much is Sharon Osbourne’s net worth? Combined with husband Ozzy, Sharon Osbourne’s net worth is estimated to be $220 million. The Talk netted Sharon Osbourne a sweet salary before her exitOsbourne reportedly made a cool $1 million per season as a cohost of The Talk, more than many of her fellow panelists. She was on the show since its 2010 inception, appearing in a whopping 2,241 episodes before her exit. Reports claim that she may have been given a severance of between $5 million to $10 million following her 2021 firing from the show. Related: Taylor Swift’s Net Worth and the Love Story of How the Grammy Winner Got So RichSharon Osbourne became Ozzy Osbourne’s manager after her own father fired himOsbourne’s father, Don Arden, was a pioneer in music management, known as “the Al Capone of pop.” Throughout his career, Arden managed the likes of Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Electric Light Orchestra and, most famously, Black Sabbath. He fired Ozzy Osbourne from the band, at which point Sharon stepped in and became the Aussie frontman’s manager herself. Sharon married Ozzy soon after and was estranged from Arden for nearly 20 years. Working with her husband proved lucrative for them both: She took Ozzy off Arden’s label and got him a new deal and has been instrumental in his career ever since. She also was behind the creation of Ozzfest, an annual music festival that she developed after Lollapalooza rejected Ozzy from its roster in the 1990s; tickets for Ozzfest reportedly grossed $150 million in its peak year. Sharon reportedly also learned quite a bit of her methods from her father, including throwing a punch or two to get someone to pay up in a deal. Sharon also went on to open her own music management company, Sharon Osbourne Management.

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