Self-Care And Self-Love Tips That Are Actually Toxic

“For me its the physical self-esteem and appearance issues, and the whole, ‘Don’t ever think a negative thought about your appearance or want to change an aspect about yourself.’

“I’m a natural ginger. Pale, red-cheeked, freckled, the whole deal. Another thing that comes with that is I have completely invisible eyelashes and eyebrows. If I don’t have makeup on it genuinely looks like I have shaved my eyebrows and eyelashes off. For years I hated this, and was just waiting for the day I learned how to fix it. Eventually, I got my makeup done and it was the most beautiful I’ve ever felt. All it took was some mascara and eyebrow pencil.

“I realized then and there that I was never going to go back to having my natural face. I started wearing the same three makeup products every. single. day. Mascara, eyebrow pencil, and eyeliner. Then I became upset that I couldn’t go without makeup without feeling naked, so I started dyeing my eyebrows and eyelashes, and it was life changing. I always feel guilty about only feeling confident after I ‘change myself’ but frankly, thats nobody’s business but my own.

“You shouldn’t teach people that they have to love their natural appearance no matter what, you should teach them that they deserve respect no matter what their appearance is. I don’t like my natural facial hair color, but if someone were to insult it or belittle me because of it, I know that I don’t deserve that, and my face is perfectly acceptable the way it is, even if it doesn’t fit with my personal preferences.”

— u/The-Pinker-Dinker

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