Struggles All Adults Who Live At Home Will Understand

Don’t even get me started on the “WHERE ARE YOU???” and “WHEN ARE YOU COMING HOME???” texts.


First of all, the concept of privacy does not exist.


It’s a word that just does not compute with your parents.


Your parents, your siblings, your dog, the next door neighbour — they’re always up in your business, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Which often means that your parents will walk into your room, unannounced, and just stand there, looking for something that needs to be cleaned, repaired or lectured about.

asian parents barging into your room for no reason to look around, walk out and then leave the door open

WHY DO THEY DO THIS??? I was sitting quietly in my bed, enjoying binge-watching Netflix.


And don’t even think about putting a lock on your door — unless you want to go through the trouble of being yelled at.


You become the go-to person whenever there are any technology issues.

This includes having to repeat the same lesson to them hundreds of times because they don’t remember, which can be VERY frustrating.


And the designated driver at events that you’re all invited to — because your parents have now decided to live their best lives and get lit.


Look, I love that they’re enjoying their ~golden years~, but it just means it takes that much longer to leave an event or someone’s house.


On the flip side, coming home drunk or going through a particularly rough hangover is never not awkward.

Mum: How was your night?

Me: Yeah, it was…fun *mind flashes back to all the shots I probably shouldn’t have done, followed by a hazy Uber ride home with a friend*.


And don’t even get me started on the “When are you coming home???” and “WHERE ARE YOU?!?!” texts.

Parents: “Wait till you’re 18 and we will give you freedom”

Also parents when you’re already 24: “Who are you going out with? What time are you coming home? Don’t come home so late”

Pleeeeeaaaaseeee, I said I would be home late…and also, I’m an adult now!!!


Even though you’re a full-grown adult, your parents will never stop seeing you as their baby.


Especially if you’re the youngest of the family and your siblings have already moved out.


You still feel the need to ask permission to do things or let them know when you’re heading out.


It…feels weird if I don’t? Idk, but I roast them when they don’t do the same for me.


It’s basically the same amount of freedom you had as a teenager, but with more responsibilities because you’re an adult.

I’m already tired of all the cooking, cleaning and working that comes with being an adult.


Meal times are a strict family affair — even if they’re eaten in front of the TV and include a debate over what to watch.


And ordering takeout is a mission in itself, because your parents will see it as an insult to their cooking when really, you just felt like eating pizza.

Fox / BuzzFeed

What’s worse is when they offer to cook the takeout meal at home?!?!?! Like noooooooo I don’t want to cook pizza at home, I want Domino’s.


Oh, and you want to cook your own meals? That’s doable — but you first need to answer a hundred questions and endure them hovering and side-eyeing whatever you’re cooking.


Usually when I’m cooking, my dad will creep in and be like “You know, if you do it this way…” and that’s my cue to scream “THE RECIPE SAYS THIS!!!”.

But then at the end of it, I swallow my pride and acknowledge that he was, in fact, right.


You’ve experienced the harsh blowback of a joke turning into a full-scale lecture more than once.


As well as the overwhelming suffocation that comes with not having your own personal space.

living with your parents is fun cause it’s free except for the small cost of your mental wellbeing

It’s why it can be important to talk to someone — whether that be a friend or going to a professional in the form of therapy.


It’s highly likely that your parents have even walked in on your work meetings — even though you clearly explained the concept of a locked door meaning that you should not be disturbed.


Actual footage of my mum walking in during a team meeting.


You’re either staying in your room too much or going out too much — there is no in-between.

Twitter / @mormz_

Honestly, I’m starting to believe there is no correct answer in this situation. Also, what’s wrong with me staying in my room???


Like, heading straight to your bedroom after dinner? Nup, there needs to be ~family time~ because you’ve been in there all day.


You’re usually the first to suggest doing something at a friend’s place, rather than them coming to yours.


Unless you want to endure the back-and-forth of your mum trying to get your friends to eat something — even when they’ve said they’re not hungry.

FoilArmsandHog / Via

I get that you’re being friendly and I appreciate it mum, but we said no.


And although your parents always encourage you to invite people over, you could never really host a party.


But let’s be honest, that doesn’t stop them from planning multiple family events at your place, which you’re bullied into attending.

Warner Bros.

Oh, and don’t forget about them just forgetting to tell you about said plans until the day before — when you had your own plans, but now you have to cancel them. Ugh.


You get a little embarrassed when you mention that you still live at home, especially when your friends and colleagues are off living their cool, parent-free lives.

Kiesza / Via

Yes, I’m the 25-year-old who still lives at home.


But that doesn’t mean you’re not totally clueless about things like landlords, rent and mortgages. You just haven’t had the chance to experience them yet!


At the end of the day though, you’re reminded that it’s a privilege to still live at home as an adult — especially with parents who care and love for you.

Hallmark Channel

Even if they don’t always respect your personal space.

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