Tens of thousands flee volcanic eruption on St. Vincent island | DW News

Tens of thousands flee volcanic eruption on St. Vincent island | DW News


Tens of thousands of people are being evacuated from the area around a volcano on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent after it began to erupt on Friday.
The volcano named La Soufriere erupted and spewed clouds of smoke and ash across the island. The volcano had been dormant for decades until December 2020, when it began showing signs of activity.
La Soufriere created an ash cloud so thick it hid the sun. Poor visibility has forced airlines to cancel flights to and from St. Vincent.
Over 16,000 people living near the volcano were ordered to leave the area by St Vincent’s prime minister Ralph Gonsalves.
Residents queued for minibuses, taking only what they could carry with them. But there weren’t enough places for everyone.
In some regions evacuation effort didn’t go according to plan. Local people boarded ferries at night to neighboring islands. Dominica, Grenada and Antigua have agreed to accept evacuees from St. Vincent. But only those people who are already vaccinated against the coronavirus.
And shelters on the island have to limit the number of people they can admit to prevent coronavirus outbreaks.
Scientists from the University of the West Indies warned that the volcano could keep erupting for days or weeks.

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