The Shark Rotator Upright Vacuum Is On Sale For Prime Day And The Dust In Your House Is Already Terrified

“Worth buying! I HAD to replace my old vacuum, which was 20+ yrs old, and weighed a ton. I didn’t want to spend $500 on a vacuum, so I asked friends for reviews. One suggested Bissell, which I considered because I use one at work. But I soon realized I needed more than that vacuum offered. My dog sheds A LOT!! Dog hair was obviously my main concern. I’m allergic to dust and I wanted a vacuum that wouldn’t blow what it picked up back into the air. Vacuum bags are a hassle, so I definitely wanted bagless. The amount of dirt and dog hair it picked up was amazing! The vacuum performed on each and every surface. It pulled up so much stuff, I was emptying the dust cup several times! I couldn’t believe it.” —Michele M Wecker

“We adopted a 1-year-old ‘Labpei’ not knowing what a SHEDDING MACHINE she was going to be. Her white fur is obnoxious on our black rugs. We spent about a week vacuuming at least four to five times a day before realizing we needed a different tool to make our lives easier. After quite a bit of research online, we settled on this Shark, and it’s changed our lives! This machine not only does an excellent job of picking up dog hair, but it’s AWESOME at getting a load of fine dust out of our rugs as well. As an added benefit, the bare floor setting has excellent suction which does a very good job picking up dog hairs from our wood floors. I love that this machine has lights on the front AND on the handle.” —jenna

“OK, I rarely post reviews even though I’ve spent a TON on Amazon, but I MUST write a review about this vacuum. I LOVE IT!! We have two Dysons (orange balls). The wand suction stopped working about a year after purchase and the second one just wasn’t cleaning as well as I thought it should be. It was picking stuff up but the suction just wasn’t that great. So, I bit the bullet and started researching a new vacuum. I did a tremendous amount of research and this is the one that I thought would work best for our home life. I AM GLAD I ORDERED THIS!! I was DISGUSTED yet AMAZED at what the Shark picked up. A TON of fur! You would think we lived in a barn. And an awful amount of dirt. I cannot recommend this vacuum enough.” —D. Cullom

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