Tom Holland Puppy Interview Part 2

“Let’s do this! Please bring me puppies!”

Last week, we revealed that Tom Holland was doing his second (!!!) puppy interview with us, and we asked fans to send in all the questions they had for Tom.

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All to promote the release of his new feature film, Uncharted, where Tom plays the iconic video game hero Nathan Drake. In the movie, he and Victor “Sully” Sullivan (played by Mark Wahlberg) are on the hunt for Ferdinand Magellan’s 500-year-old lost fortune.

And in honor of Uncharted‘s release in theaters, Tom enthusiastically sat down with BuzzFeed to play with the sweetest puppies you’ll ever see and answer YOUR questions.


From Uncharted behind-the-scenes secrets to MCU trivia to his favorite TV shows, nothing was off limits. 

And, like…I don’t think you get it, I’m *obsessed*.

Tom told us all about his favorite stunt to film for Uncharted:

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He shared that he’d LOVE to be on Euphoria and that he thinks he’d make a great Maddy (we def agree):

He said that if he were to ever lip sync battle against fellow Spidey Andrew Garfield, Tom would love to impersonate Andrew and sing a Tick, Tick…Boom song.

Tom even called out MCU costar Chris Evans, who is clearly hoping there’s a puppy interview in his future too 👀.

So, if you want to bask in nine minutes of pure joy, I suggest you watch the video here:

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Be sure to go see Tom in Uncharted, which is in theaters now.

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