What People Think Of Australia’s Travel Ban


“Our strict border policy has worked well for us so far, and I’m glad we had it last year. But with vaccine rollout in full swing (at least, in other countries), it’s crucial we allow people to travel. Make it contingent on being vaccinated, sure, but let people travel here and let us travel again!”

“We have this catch 22 where people aren’t getting the vaccine because it’s so safe from COVID here, but if people don’t get it, we have to keep borders tightly closed. If we opened borders, more people would have to get the vaccine and we’d have to be a bit less risk averse and stop shutting states down when there’s a tiny bit of community transmission. 

“Again, that’s worked great so far, but we need to change! Basically, I think we should slowly open the borders (start with NZ, Singapore, other countries we have good relationships with, then open up worldwide) and allow vaccinated people to travel!”


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