Woden Cults in England! Wyrdwayz – The World of Anglo Saxon Runes – Os – Part One. Woden / Odinn.

Woden Cults in England! Wyrdwayz – The World of Anglo Saxon Runes – Os – Part One. Woden / Odinn.


Welcome to Wyrdwayz. Following on from my last runic series about the Elder Futhark and the runic wheel of the year, I bring you Wyrdwayz, where we delve into the wonderfully tantalizing world of the Anglo Saxons and their runes.

In around 450 BC, after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, migrants from the continent began crossing the North Sea and settling in Britain. These warrior farmers brought with them a runic alphabet. When on British soil this alphabet grew and evolved to become the Futhorc.

In this part one of this episode, I bring you the rune, Os. OK, there is so much to say when walking about the God Woden or Oðinn, also known to the Anglo Saxons as Grim. But what I wanted to try and do here was talk about the sources we have left to us by the Anglo Saxons. This first part of the episode is all about theophoric place names in England and some evidence for possible Woden Cult Centres in the UK. Also, a little story about my summer of 2017 and some strange Woden synchronicities.

Be sure to check out part two because this is where we get into the really exciting information about herbal charms, Woden as magician and sorcerer plus a bit of shapeshifting.

So, take a step back in time with me to the days when the Old Gods were worshipped from the top of every hill and the people lived in harmony with the spirits of the land. Despite some people saying that the heathen religion did not survive the migration, I aim to show how the pagan faith lived on through the common people.

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Ic þancie þē